Irrational Hires an Elizabeth Cosplayer

Anna “Ormeli” Moleva is a Russian cosplayer that caught the eye of Irrational Games for her striking resemblance to Elizabeth from the upcoming Bioshock Infinite. In fact, the developer has decided to hire her to be the face of Elizabeth. Her likeness has already been featured on the back of the Bioshock Infinite box art. She will also be included in future events and a television advertisement.

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Bioshock Infinite Box Art

The box art for Bioshock Infinite has finally been released by Irrational Games. Just like the game will surely be, the box art is dense. It shows Booker posing in behind cinders passing by. Behind him is a burning flag. The white and red stripes look American, but the blue area for stars may lead to a surprise in the game. Even further off in the distance is a Zeppelin.

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Broadsider Preliminary Weapon Profile

Welcome to my preliminary weapon profile of the Broadsider. I’m going to be covering the gun to the best of my knowledge at the current time. Stay tuned for a full weapon breakdown, including complete stats and strategies, once Bioshock Infinite releases in February 2013.

Booker’s box of personal belongings reveals the Broadsider.

According to the Beast of America trailer, the Broadsider could be Booker’s first gun in Bioshock Infinite. The trailer shows Booker opening a box holding the pistol as he travels by boat to a lighthouse. It isn’t yet known if this scene is exclusive to pre-release footage or will actually be the opening to the game, but it’s likely that an all-purpose pistol like the Broadsider would be an introductory weapon much like the pistol in the original Bioshock.

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Bioshock Infinite Board Game – The Siege of Columbia

Plaid Hat Games has announced a Bioshock board game named Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia. The release date is currently unknown, but the creators are aiming for a synchronized release with the video game. It will include over 52 miniature figures of 11 unique sculpts. The designer is Plaid Hat Games’ Isaac Vega, who seems to be a relatively new designer for the company. Continue reading

Bioshock Infinite Premium and Ultimate Songbird Editions

Bioshock Infinite Premium and Ultimate Songbird Editions

The Bioshock Blog has announced the Premium and Ultimate Songbird Editions of Bioshock Infinite. Let’s see what the special editions include.

Both editions contain the Art of Columbia art book, a Handyman figure from the Bioshock Board Game, a lithograph print of some propaganda found in Columbia, a Murder of Crows Vigor key chain, the digital soundtrack, three in-game power-ups, and downloadable content. Buyers of the 360 version will get Booker and Elizabeth costumes, while PS3 and PC owners receive themes. What sets the Ultimate Edition apart is the 9.75″ Songbird statue designed by concept artist Robb Waters, known for visualizing Sander Cohen and the Little Sisters of Bioshock.

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Next Bioshock Infinite Trailer Will Be Fan Created

Irrational Games is putting the next Bioshock Infinite trailer into our hands. Go to the Bioshock Facebook Page to cast your vote on the content of the next game trailer.

The choices include Elizabeth or Songbird, Zeppelins or Skylines, and the Handyman or Motorized Patriot. Today is the last day to vote so make your voice heard. The trailer will be released sometime shortly after voting concludes.

Elizabeth and Boys of Silence Featured as First Bioshock Infinite Toys

Elizabeth and the Boys of Silence will be the first Bioshock Infinite characters to be released as figures by NECA this December. Elizabeth stands at 6.5”, includes a fabric skirt, and comes with 20 points of articulation. The Boys of Silence figure is 7” tall, has 25 points of articulation, and has a moving mouth piece to emulate his in-game actions.

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